A Gill(ian) of all trades

As this is our very first blog post, I think a quick introduction is in order!

Though we are a design and project management firm, we didn't want our blog to only be about our work. We love what we do, but there are also so many other things in the world that we are passionate about, that excite and inspire us. We decided to focus on two of the things we love most - people and places (with a few reno projects thrown in for good measure!).

When we first imagined our blog and knew that we wanted to feature other bad-ass business women, we both instantly knew who we wanted our very first blog post to be about. Gillian Hurtig. She is our mentor and dear friend. She inspires us. She has been one of our strongest supporters and champions. If you are lucky enough to call Gillian your friend, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Gillian - exuding joy as usual.

Listening back to our interview with Gillian many months after it took place (getting to writing this blog took a wee bit longer than anticipated - not because I didn't want to do it, but more so because somehow it is easier for me to procrastinate on the most important things) puts a smile on my face. There are so many qualities we love and admire in Gillian but it's that laugh that really pulls you in. It's pure joy!

Gillian has done it all. She's worked as an event producer all over the world, in TV and film production, and most recently as an actor, both voice over and on screen. When we worked with Gillian on a the production of a TV show, whenever there was a problem that needed solving, everyone's answer was always "ask Gillian". She makes things happen.


Q: If you could go back to when you started working, and give yourself one piece business advice, what would you say?

A: Don't be afraid. Go for it...What I tell anybody young these days is, don't be afraid of it. If you think it's a good idea, and you believe you can do it, go for it. Just go as far as you can in it, see if it's going to work. Cause if you don't you'll always wonder...I'd say fear is definitely the biggest thing for me that kept me as a young woman from pursuing my goals to be in theatre, and losing my fear has enabled me to start making the changes that I'm dreaming about and working on right now.

Q: How do you deal with mistakes?

A: My heart typically pounds out of my chest when I realize I've made a mistake, and I get super anxious for about a minute. And then I calm down. The world's not going to end, no one is going to die, who should I talk to about it and how do I fix it.


Q: What are you most proud of?

A: I would say that I really really like human beings. I really like people. so for me to work around people, for me to engage with people and help people feel comfortable in the work environment, and have an open door, and have compassion, and have time for people, I think that is my greatest asset.


Q: A women that you admire?

A. My  mother. My mum taught be about art, and culture and about dressing well and looking nice when you go out. She was so warm and empathetic, she had time for people. She was a wonderful friend. She loved people too and she loved to laugh.

Q: Where do you love to travel or where is your favourite place to be?

A: Hawaii is my favourite place to be, it is everything that I need and want... (and in Vancouver) it's Kits pool.


Thank you Gillian - for your friendship, your guidance, your support and love. You are one amazing woman and we are both proud and honoured to call you our friend.

With gratitude,