Design & Project Management Services:

There are many steps and stages to a renovation project. Here are a few examples of the services we offer, but each project is different. Please reach out to us directly via the contact page to discuss the specific needs of your project.

Are you wondering when, during your planning process for a renovation, is a good time to call a design firm? Right away! We bring architects, structural engineers, contractors and trades people to the table as they are needed throughout the design and renovation process and manage the whole team right from day 1.


Design Consultation

Start with us for the first step of your project - a meeting in your home to discuss your potential renovation. The conversation will focus on how you use the spaces in your home and how to improve the functionality of those spaces.

Example Layout.png

Design Concept Packages

Wondering what your renovation might cost or look like before jumping into it? We work with you to flesh out a detailed budget as well as a proposed layout plan and initial concept board. We’ll show you what it would cost to do the project from start to finish.


Full Service Design & Project Management

We design and manage your renovation down to the last detail! We bring with us a talented team of professionals - architect, structural engineer, contractors, and tradespeople - and execute your renovation from the initial planning stages, to permit application, through construction. You'll move back into a fully finished space, down to the final plate on the shelf.